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* Sand castings unit weight from 1 kg to 4 Tons
* Unit part and medium serial castings
* Maximum dimension 2 m 800²
* 3D printing

Process & plants

18 - Simulation

1. Casting design

Casting and feeding system design represents the first step in the foundry production process.
L’ACIERIE et FONDERIE de la HAUTE SAMBRE has chosen Magmasoft® software combined to 3D CADSolidworks® to supply our customers a reliable service for casting design and simulation.

19 - MTD

2. Pattern construction

Pattern construction in polystyrene – wood or resin is made by our sub-contractors.
Our department carry out on plate adjustment reworking and feeding systems.

20 - Moulage-bulbe

3. Moulding

Moulding department performs moulds on chemical process – dimensions maxi 3m600² using silica and chromite sands.
Special layers are used in order to avoid surface recarburation.


4. Pouring

The foundry is equipped with :

  • 2 induction furnaces of 2,5 Tons each
  • 1 induction furnace of 500 kg
  • 1 induction furnace VOD (vacuum oxygen decarburation) with maxi capacity of 4.5 Tons

which allows decarburation and degazing the differents materials made in our company.

  • Our laboratory is equipped with a spectrograph 19 elements
22 - Sableuse

5. Finishing

All finishing operations are operated inside the company.

2 shot blasting machines (one ferrite steel shot and one stainless steel shot) and 1 sand blasting CORINDON are used to avoid contamination of differents materials produced.


6. Heat treatment

2 heat treatment furnaces :

  • 1 electric furnace 5 T – maxi 1200°C
  • 1 electric furnace de 3.5 T – maxi 1250°C

Combined with 2 water tanks equipped with mixing and cooling system and a air cooling system to optimize the alloys quality.

24 - Bras Faro

7. Controls

The laboratory is equipped to perform all tests :

  • Spectrometric chemical analysis
  • Mechanical tests (tensile test – impact test – hardness)
  • Corrosion test (SCC – HIC Tests)
  • Macro & micrographic tests


Operators certified COFREND I or II :

  • Dimensional controls (manual or scan)
  • Surface controls (Dye penetrant test –Magnetic test)
  • Volume controls (ultra-sonic test – radiographic test)
  • Pressure test

Main Products

• Valves

• Pumps

• Others